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Muslim Festivals

World's second largest religion Islam has a huge number of followers in India. Usually to celebrate any festival, Muslim observe fast, offer namazs (prayers), do fateha (special prayers) and distribute sweets among themselves. Muslims have very few festivals and Eid is the most important of them.

Eid- Ul Fitr

No land celebrates life like India. Every day one comes across a reason to celebrate and gala. The 360 days of fun & frolic and the 360 degrees of colours are the major draws of the festivals here. Eid - Ul - Fitr is one of the biggest Muslim festivals. The festival is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. It is famous both for its timings and implications. The festival does not have any historical significance but it is mainly celebrated as a day where the believers of Allah can offer their thank giving prayers to him.The festival of Eid is celebrated after the fasting month of Ramzan. It is said that it was in the month of Ramzan that the holy Koran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed. This month is considered to be holiest month on the Islamic calendar. During this month everyday a Muslim from dawn to sunset needs to abstain himself from sensual pleasures but also from other necessities of life like food and drink. This festival to a great extent helps in minimizing the wide gap between the rich and the poor as both hold fasts. The end of the month of Ramzan ring the bells for the grand festival of Eid.On the day of Eid a typical Muslim family, dressed in new attire offer prayers to the Almighty in the mosques or in large opening areas. The prayer lasts for a while followed by a sermon. After the prayer the worshipers embrace and wish Eid - Mubarak to one another. After coming from the prayer halls of the mosque it is a general custom to visit the houses of the family members, friends and other relatives on the occasion of Eid.Wish each other Eid Mubarak and savour the delightful 'sewaiyan'. (the sweet dish) and several variety of delicious kebabs.